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Henry Bertson -

boutique consulting agency that has extensive experience in providing exclusive services


The agency was founded in 2017.

We have formed a team of unique professionals who can provide

any law and public affairs services.

We always put client's interests first and achieve maximum results.

The main components of our success are a professionalism, strict enforcement of law, creative and non-standard approach, strategic thinking and a relentlessness in achieving your goals.


Our services

Brainstorm Team Meeting
  • Representation in courts of various jurisdictions

  • Legal support

  • Information support of business and political projects

  • PR and GR affairs

  • Anti-crisis events

  • Election Campaigns

  • Establish contacts with media worldwide

  • Journalistic investigations

Henry Bertson's client portfolio includes large European state-owned companies, political parties, entrepreneurs and business associations, and individuals.

Henry Bertson has experience in providing services in the following areas: federal policy, regional policy, oil industry, oil pipeline transit, gas industry, metallurgy, telecommunications, credit and financial system, legal litigation.

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